19+ Funny Quotes Wedding Background

19+ Funny Quotes Wedding Background. During a wedding, we all get emotional. Insert one of these funny quotes about love and marriage to get a guaranteed giggle.

Funny Marriage Quotes With Image Quotes And Sayings
Funny Marriage Quotes With Image Quotes And Sayings from quotes.snydle.com
One bed, one remote, one. Best funny wedding quotes selected by thousands of our users! Not all of these famous quotes will be right for you, but you'll almost certainly find one or two that connect with your particular wedding party!

Marriage is no laughing matter!

Thank you for completely ignoring our wedding registry and instead getting us something you thought we should have but that we'll never use. Funny wedding readings can help keep a ceremony from becoming too serious or too boring. While outside, we may have to resort to wordplay and quotes. Husband is the head of the family and wife is the neck that turns the head around!!

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